Volkswagen Tiguan Manual Owners

The new Tiguan was designed to suit your every need. It is compact yet comfortable, but still boasts magnificent
performance on all terrain – combining impressive power with eco-friendly economy.

It has all the benefits of a
compact SUV with the sleek style of a sports car. The new
Tiguan comes with three high-power, low fuel consumption
engines: the innovative 2.0 litre TSI versions (125kW or
147kW) drive the petrol models, while the 103TDI diesel
version is a 2.0 litre TDI engine with 103kW power and
an impressive 320Nm of torque. With so much choice,
the Tiguan sets new standards in its class.
It’s good to know you can enjoy the assurance of precision laser welding construction – increasing body rigidity for
more precise handling dynamics and increased safety,
ensuring tight panel gaps and a quiet interior. It is also
supported by a 12-year anti-corrosion perforation warranty.

The distinctive, solid ‘thunk’ of the door closing reassures
you of the build quality and Volkswagen’s commitment
to safety. It’s good to know you can appreciate intelligent
features such as headlights that automatically turn on in
low light, or rain sensing windscreen wipers that intuitively
activate during rainfall (both standard on the 147TSI).
The Tiguan is ideal for drivers who want the unique look
and versatility of an SUV, but also demand premium levels
of comfort, agility and flexibility. Designed from the chassis
up for driving enjoyment and safety, the Tiguan has created
a new benchmark.
The completely new and quiet TDI Common Rail engine
with diesel particulate filter delivers power from just above
idle speed. Parking problems become a thing of the past with the Tiguan’s optional Park Assist feature which tackles
the job with precision. You’ll never get lost in the Tiguan
with the latest optional RNS510 satellite navigation system
guiding you with finesse. And with more than 1500 litres of

Combining style and substance, the new Tiguan is
distinctively unique. The Tiguan truly is an all-rounder –
agile and comfortable to drive, extremely practical and
full of ground breaking technology. No other car has so
many different qualities.
The Tiguan inspires the senses – its engaging design
matches its impressive luxury. The Tiguan is clearly
Volkswagen-designed, but it is instantly different from all the other models in the Volkswagen range. At the rear,
the lights are integrated into the shoulder section, while
the steep slope of the tailgate extends right down to the
bumpers, giving the Tiguan an unmistakable SUV design.


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