Shell Scripts and Awk

Shell Programming
At the heart of Unixisa kernel whoseroutinesaren’teasytousedirectly.Thereare
alsomanypre-writtenprograms(ls tolist?les,etc).They’reeasiertouse,buttheydon’t
understand theuseof’*’asawildcardcharacter,andbesides,youneedsomesortof
editorwhenyou typecommandsinif you’regoingtouse thecommandline.The‘shell’
istheinterfacebetweentheuserandthe system.

The shellisn’tonlyalineeditorand
arrays,functionsand controlstructures.Commandlines canbeputintoa?leandexecuted.
Theseso-called“shellscripts” canquicklybewritten and testedandshouldbetriedin
association with other standardunixutilitiesbefore embarkingonahigherlevellanguage,


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