Shell Script Programming Guidelines

Several command lineinterpreters (shells) including the BourneShell, C-Shell, and Korn Shellareavail-
ableonmostUnixsystems. AlthoughtheC- ShellandKornShellhavesomeveryusefulfeatureswhich
helptomake your interactive useofthoseshellsmoreproductive,ingeneral, unlessyoucansubstantiate
validreasonsfor doing otherwise,theBourneShellshouldbeusedasthestandardshellforwritingshell
programs. ThemainreasonsforthisarethattheBourneShellis:
• AvailableonallUnixplatforms
• ComparedtotheC-Shell,itpromotesamodularcodingstylebecauseitprovidestheuserwiththe
• Input/outputredirectionismoremanageableintheBourneShellmakingiteasytocaptureseparate


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