My Passat CC Volkswagen Accessories

Make the Passat CC your own
Make the Passat CC truly yours with our range of accessories,
carefully selected and grouped logically together to make
choosing accessories as easy as possible. In some categories,
we’ve gathered products together to give you a complete
pack with a fully fitted price.

Our range comes in three categories: Volkswagen Genuine,
Volkswagen Approved and Volkswagen Commercial. Most
of our range comprises of Genuine Accessories developed
in Germany and designed to integrate with your vehicle.
Our other products are sourced from market leading
manufacturers, specifically to meet your needs and offer you
a wider choice.
For information on the warranty cover for all our accessories,
please refer to the front of this brochure.
At Volkswagen we believe in clear, honest pricing which is why
we’ve quoted fully fitted prices, wherever we can.
Why not ask a member of staff today about how to really make
your Passat CC your own by using Volkswagen Accessories

Our quotations regarding product information, appearance,
performance, dimensions and weights in addition to illustrations
and all information regarding fittings and technical data are
based on the characteristics of the UK market and correspond to
the knowledge available at the time of printing. We reserve the
right to make changes to the product specification, design and
colour without advance notification within the context of further
development to our accessories.

The price is correct at time of
printing. Price is calculated to include VAT at 17.5%.
Financing of accessories.
The inexpensive way to obtain
Volkswagen Accessories.
You can include accessories in your Volkswagen finance deal,
and benefit from spreading the cost across a timescale to suit you.
If Genuine Accessories are fitted at the pre-delivery inspection,
you’ll get a full three-year Volkswagen warranty.
Volkswagen warranty covers parts and labour for replacement
when there is a manufacturing defect found.
Volkswagen Genuine Accessories are protected by a three year
Volkswagen warranty if they’re ? tted at the pre-delivery inspection.
If ? tted after this time they are covered by a two year warranty.
Volkswagen Approved Accessories are covered by a two year
Volkswagen warranty.
Volkswagen Commercial Accessories are covered by the
manufacturers warranty only; this can range from 12 to 24 months
depending on the manufacturer.


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