Interface for Volkswagen Skoda MFD3 RCD510 User's manual

MFD3/RCD510 is used in many Volkswagen car types

this interface can insert 2AV or 1 RGB video onto MFD3 monitor?(4 keys
buttons on both sides of the monitor), so reverse camera image,

TV tuner, and more video sources can be inserted this interface can also convert the car video

onto the
headrest monitor. the RCD510?3 keys on either side of the monitor?

can be inserted with navigation RGB,

AV and reverse camera video?

1?System connection

The 6Pin power connector signal definition?

? DIP switch settings.
5 Rear camera=AV4[Green wire=12V]

Rear camera=original picture[Green

No [ the 7th
DIP must stay UP side), otherwirse the interface goes into
factory testing mode by displaying color bar on screen.]

? Accessories
Interface for MFD3 Interface for RCD510
1 One interface box RCD510 interface box.
2 MFD3 daughter board?with 30p-1.0pitch-50CM
ribbon, and one 50P-10cm ribbon.
RCD510 daughter board?with 50p?0.5 pitch?0.5meter ribbon
to interface box?and 55p?8CM ribbon to car socket.
3 RGB input wire AVwire 2PCs,RGB?1PC, Camera?1PC.
4 Power wire[Yellow,White,Black,Green] Power wire[Yellow,White,Black,Green]
5 Keypad 2PCs Keypad 1PCs
6 Users manual User’s manual
7 4 screws[?5]

? switch
1. Headrest moitor
Side key pressing

Not possible to connect headrest monitor
2.Car monitor input

1?[when white wire >2V?the monitor
switches] ?please cut the other keypad’s
connector off, and make it connected to the
yellow and white wire for switching.
2. Another way is checking the golden
finger on the PCB and get one key.[when key
pressed, the PCB point get to 3V], then
connect it to the white wire.
1. use the keypad.
2. connect the
red pointÆ to
the white wire
then press AUX
to switch input.
3.Auto reverse Green wire to 12V for reversing.

1?YELLOW?constant power +12V?
2?BLACK?Ground to chassis?
3?GREEN?reverse camera trigger signal [reverse=12V]? to rear lamp?

Grey?this signal is not used.
RED?=ACC, this interface is not using it, there is a ACC inside the ribbon

cable which is connected to the monitor,
when monitor ON, this interface works by showing the LED on.


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