How to make a Baby Block Cake

Materials Needed:
2 – 6″ or 8″ square cakes, each
3″ inches high
Fondant or buttercream to
cover cake
2 colors of fondant for capital
letters and dot embellishments
Capital letters (ABCD) made
out of fondant using the hot
glue impression template
Coordinating fondant dots
made with two sizes of round
Optional decorations: bottle,
bow, sugar shoes, tag, etc.
Tips #5 and #21.
10″ or 12″ cake board
At least one day in advance: using
hot glue impression template (see
instructions to the right), cut out
capital letters (ABCD) from fon-
dant in desired colors and place on
a rack to dry. Using round cutters,
cut out several large and small dots
in both colors. Dry on a rack.
Place one cake on a board. Spread
an even layer of icing on top of the
cake and cover with second cake
to make a block shape. Cover the
cake with buttercream or fondant.
Decorate the sides with the letters
and dots. Pipe “stitching” on the
four corners of the cake with tip
#5. Decorate top of the block with
optional decorations. Add reverse
shell border with tip #21.
Hot Glue
Impression Templates
Materials Needed:
Hot glue gun
Stencil paper
Desired design or pattern
Step 1: While glue gun is heating,
place stencil paper over design.
Note: If your design is directional,
fip it over so it is in reverse.
Step 2: Outline design onto stencil
paper with hot glue, flling in the
design where necessary. Let cool.
Directions for Use:
Buttercream: Wait for icing to
form a crust. Gently press design
template onto surface of cake.
Carefully lift away and pipe over
design. This is particularly helpful
when you want to recreate the same
design on multiple cakes.


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