Gateway Five User Manual Volkswagen BAP Part 1

The Dension Gateway Five lets you connect your
iPod or USB storage (stick, hard drive or mass
storage capable mp3 player) to your original car
radio, providing music playback, menu based
control and charging.
The Gateway Five also offers Bluetooth
connectivity for music streaming (via A2DP) and
handsfree mobile call handling via the original
buttons and screens of your vehicle.
Supported audio devices
USB Flash Memory and Hard Disk Drive
(UBS1.1 and higher)
File System: FAT16 or FAT32
Storage capacity: up to 250 GB*
Music Format: MP3, WMA and
iPod iPod (4th
iPod nano (1st
, 2nd
, 3rd
, 4th
and 5th

iPod mini
iPod Photo 4G
iPod Video 5G
iPod Classic
iPod Touch (1st
, 2nd
and 3rd
iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS
Aux 3.5mm stereo aux input
*250 GB or more depending on your music
content (e.g. size, bitrate, number of songs)
Switch on your car radio and select ‘Media In’ by
pressing the Media button.
Connect your iPod or USB storage to the
Gateway. It will start playing the first song on the
device. In case the Gateway has been in use
earlier, music will play from your iPod or USB from
the point they last played.
When switching off the radio the playback will stop
and the source devices will go to stand-by.

Getting Started
You can pair the Gateway Five with a Bluetooth
capable mobile phone for music streaming
(requires an A2DP capable phone) or handsfree
use (if that option is active in the Gateway).
Pairing is controlled from the mobile phone the
same way as connecting to other Bluetooth
accessories. The pin code to the Gateway Five is
0000 (for further details please see Section 7).
Accessing the Menu

The menu of the Gateway five is displayed on the
car radio and partly on the central display on the
dashboard (between the two main instruments).
There are two main screens that can be shown on
the central display (cluster), the audio- and the
phone screens. Selecting these screens is
possible with the ‘Menu’ button on the steering
wheel (if available).


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