A shell script to rotate the log files of web servers

In order to save disks pace and processing time, log files of servers should be rotated (backedup) on aregular
base. Ifyouuse http? analyze tocreateastatisticsreport, log files must be kept in tact forthe wholecurrent
monthuntilit can be»finalized«(processedalasttime)inthefollowingmonth. The time bywhichastatistics
reportcanbe finally created without havingchangesisat00:00at the1st dayofthefollowingmonth.This

The script first getsthe dateandcomputesthelast
month.It then changesinto SERVERROOT andsavesthelogfilesforeachserverinthe appropriatesubdirectory.
Thescriptthenrestarts the web serverand delays20minutestonotdisturbother jobs runningatthistime


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