The Tiguan is an all-new vehicle from Volkswagen. Its name is a combination of
tiger and  iguana. The Tiguan is VW’s first incursion into the popular compact
sport-utility market. It borrows mechanical and platform features from the Passat,
Rabbit and Jetta. It is similar in size to the Ford Escape. The Tiguan is offered in
three trim levels. The entry-level model is front-drive, with four-wheel drive
available as an option; the other two come with standard all-wheel-drive.

Interior and cargo area

The Tiguan is high enough to ease access for tall individuals without complicating
access for shorter people. The doorsills are wide, but the lower part of the door
covers the sill and keeps it clean. There are no rain gutters, so rain and snow can
land on the seats and occupants. The front seats are very comfortable, with
adjustable height and lumbar control. The passenger seat has a fold-flat backrest.
Headroom and legroom are generous.

The high-backed rear bench seat is comfortable for two. The seat is split 60/40.
Both sides slide forward and back individually, and the backrests recline to several
different angles. Flipping down the centre armrest creates a ski pass-through.
Folding the backrests and sliding the bench as far back as it will go leaves a gap
behind the front seatbacks. Sliding it completely forward forms a gap with the cargo
floor. The seatbacks fold with a slight forward slope.

With the seatbacks up and the bench completely back, cargo space is a bit limited
(82 cm). Sliding the bench forward frees up 97 cm of space; there’s 168 cm with
the backrests folded. The cargo area is 100 cm wide and 78 cm high. The sill is a bit
high, but the hatch opens high as well.


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